The future is now!

We have a startup culture, we operate at a fast pace, we like challenges and we believe that a collaborative environment promotes knowledge as we learn every day.

About Milvus

The future is Milvus!

We aim to innovate by enabling our customers to manage their processes and relationships with a focus on added value

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Our values


Recognize and value what is relevant to whom we relate.


Take advantage of resources available to assertively achieve unprecedented systemic results with perceived valuation.


Achieve the goals that have been planned and identified, now and for the future, guided by an appropriate or requested deadline.

We are present in more than 7 countries and our company doesn't stop growing.

Horizontal company: The management model that transforms

Our communication is smooth, we are not formal but we know when to talk seriously.

We are not just another company. We don't have customers, we have partners.

We are transparents! Our feedback is not fake, we work for development!


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Excellent work environment, strong culture, good benefits

Relaxed, welcoming environment. Visionary management, which prioritizes not only business but also people. Real possibility of growth in the company.

Milvus is not a methodical bureaucratic company. Here we work with flexibility, each one knows their role, we are more than a team, we are a family, the company motivates us every day to be better and do the best. Milvus is f@# good!

High performance is our motto, a team focused on results and that adequately rewards all employees. Regardless of the day, we are smiling and producing a lot. Fun is guaranteed daily and the result is delivered in an excellent way by everyone on the team.

At Milvus there is a great atmosphere, the leaders are very good and there are a lot of good things, such as fruits, chocolates, breakfast, game room with ping-pong and video games, and the break room, the benefits are great

The way we interact with each other in the team and the collaboration system we have are amazing. We have freedom to develop and achieve your professional goals

We had a great review on Glassdoor, where employees rate their own company.


Milvus: 4,7 - Glassdoor