Smart inventory

Organization and efficiency in device inventory management

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Take control and have a full view of your customer’s entire network.

Increase the productivity of your IT professionals with our smart inventory control. See some of the resources:

Knowledge base

With this incredible resource, it is possible to create contents that will simplify the productivity of your analysts and customers, promoting a more efficient IT management.

Remote access

With our remote access tool, you can provide support to your customers and users by connecting directly to their computers.

Device listing

Endpoint view

Complete information

Device control

Dispositivos - Milvus

Device monitoring

With Milvus Smart Agent you can manage alerts, run scripts, create tickets, stop and start services, connect remotely, and much more.






Remote access

Access devices quickly and easily directly from a ticket or device list.

Connect multiple devices

File transfer

Connection history

Request alerts

Increase your customer satisfaction

Device vulnerability management

Report of vulnerable device trends.

Remember, vulnerability management is a basic requirement of the Data Protection Regulation

Software and service blacklist

Removable media blocking

Antivirus monitoring

Link monitoring

Licensing management

Gestão de vulnerabilidade - Milvus
Gestão de vulnerabilidade - Milvus

Optimize your team management

Full access. No credit card required.