Comparation HelpDesk Milvus and Zendesk


Milvus is a platform that offers all helpdesk and management resources for IT companies. It is easy to use and offers rich content to help professionals learn how to use the system at a fair price.


Zendesk plan prices are very high, making them not affordable to small and medium-sized companies. Also, it is a platform with many complaints from customers who can’t find the desired resources.

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Free trial
Amount of full plan $35 $99
Process automation
Support in all plans
Default viewer function
Real-time report update time
CSAT surveys on all plans
Integration with third-party products
Team collaboration tools
Security measures

Intelligent IT management system

We are an intelligent help desk system; we optimize management processes, increase your team productivity and the efficiency of your support team.

An omnichannel system

Offer more possibilities to your customers, with ticketing system using different devices.

Increase the level of customer satisfaction

It offers flexibility to configure the SLAs of your customers in a unique, simple, and easy manner. Establish and customize service priorities.

Organize and manage all machines of your customers

Increase the productivity of your support team with intelligent and automated inventory management – see some of the features below:

Download the mobile app for ticket management

Use the mobile app of inventory management system and ensure a proper management of your IT assets through monitoring and full control of all machines of your customers, wherever and whenever you want.

Try it now! Optimize your management and customer relationship!

Try the system for 7 days for free and use all features available.

Free trial


Google Workspace
Microsoft Office
Windows Active Directory
It’s very easy to migrate; we prepare everything for you!


US$25. 00 /per user


US$35. 00 /per user