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Why Milvus? - Milvus

Why Milvus?

We are the largest omnichannel platform.

Omnichannel platform

Offer more possibilities to your customers, allowing them to open tickets from different devices.

Ticket via email

Customer service via chat

Web ticket

Ticket via app

Ticket via phone

Monitored devices

Ticket via WhatsApp

SLA configuration

Get more flexibility to configure your customer's SLA in a unique, simple and easy way.

  • Get access to ticket reports based on SLAs
  • Define who will be allowed to pause and resume SLA
  • Configure office hours per customer
  • Pause SLA automatically when pausing a ticket
  • Receive email notifications when an SLA is about to burst
  • SLA dashboard: view SLA tickets
Dashboard SLA - Milvus

Ticket management

Get alerts from the main features of machines on your dashboard

Work table

Time and activity report

Bulk ticket update

Knowledge base

Tickets scheduling

Satisfaction surveys

Advanced dashboard

Remote access

Support your customers and users and resolve incidents without having to travel to your customer's facilities, saving commuting time.

Connecting to multiple devices

File transfer

Connection history

Request alerts

Increase your customer satisfaction


We adhere to best practices

Constant improvements





Milvus app

Use the mobile app to ensure proper management of your IT assets, through monitoring and full control of devices of your customer, wherever and whenever you want.

  • Download for Android and iOS
  • Support request
  • TalkWay Technology
  • Digital signature
  • Access to customer data
  • Access to linked tasks
  • QR code reader
  • Nearest technician location
Download the Milvus app

Simplified reporting

Create and customize your own reports

Opened and closed tickets

Tickets per customers

Tickets per user

Dispositivos - Milvus
Dashboard SLA - Milvus


Answer your customers in a simple way.

  • Opening tickets
  • Ticket queue
  • Talk to a technician
  • Customer transfer
  • Call with up to 4 people
  • Customer data access
  • Access to linked tasks
  • QR code reader
  • Send service orders
  • Device listing

API Milvus access





Manage your contracts

Contract by hour

Contract by ticket

Contract by device

Contract by catalog services

Contract by fixed price

Device loan

Ticket conference before billing

Limit in dollars for service

Displacement charge

Specific contract (firewall and backups)

Optimize your team management

Use all features of the 7-day trial version.