Data Protection Regulation

Our platform helps your company implement GDPR in your customer's facilities.

We now have an exclusive tool to adapt to the GDPR

Make your customer's GDPR journey simple and reliable by bringing all information together on a single platform.

Manage the lifecycle of customers requests simply and effectively, and communicate securely through our customer web portal.

Keep all records of customer's request and interactions within our platform and, facilitate future audits.

Tool advantages

Automatic cookie analysis

Consent record

Real-time dashboard

Fully customizable banner

Access to customer's portal

OutSource DPO for customer

Help your customers with GDPR

It's just 3 steps and less than 5 minutes

Customize bar

Use the same colors and fonts on your customer's website in just 3 minutes!

Copy and paste scripts

In one minute, copy the script generated in the system and paste it on the customer's website

Test and validate

Access your customer website and check if everything is ok!

Try it now! Optimize your management system and relationships with your customers

Use all features of the 7-day trial version.

*Full access. No credit card required.